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By Annette

What Is >carrots?

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Which problem are we solving?

A growing number of people are trying to eat less meat and many of them (us included) don’t identify as vegetarian.

It is surprisingly difficult for this group to figure out which non-vegetarian restaurants will offer a variety of plant-based dishes and where to find the tastiest ones.

Also, more often than not, we don’t even know about our options unless we specifically ask – and get labeled vegetarian after all.

Consider these stats:

  • As of 2017, 9 of the Top 100 Restaurants in London list NO vegetarian main dishes on their a la carte menu.
  • Another 41 restaurants on that Top 100 list have 1 or 2 vegetarian main dishes, giving us very little or no choice if we don’t want to eat meat or fish that day. The ones that are there, usually contain cheese.
  • There are Japanese and French restaurants with great vegetarian food, where you really wouldn’t expect it. And there are Indian and Italian ones without. You just never know.
  • Some of the best vegetarian food is hidden on vegetarian menus that you’ll never know about, unless you are willing to specifically ask for it – and be called a vegetarian

In short: unless you come well prepared, dinner can put you in an awkward position – or it simply results in you eating the meat dish once again.

How do we solve the problem?

People only stick with new eating habits if we enjoy our food and if we can identify with our new habits. More Than Carrots helps diners who want to eat more plant-based dishes to find restaurants that will make it EASY and ENJOYABLE to choose the vegetarian option.

We have developed a new way to review restaurants.

In addition to rating the overall experience and value for money, diners can review the vegetarian options for:


Our community of reviewers naturally consists of people who want to eat vegetarian or entirely plant-based dishes, which makes the rating scores very relevant.

Check it out for yourself!