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By Annette


About Us – Why are we here?

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More Than Carrots helps curious foodies to enjoy and maintain a more balanced diet containing more vegetables and less meat. We built a restaurant review tool with a plant-based twist to help all diners select their restaurants based on their vegetarian options.

The main thing that links everything together are the More Than Carrots values. We want them to be public and have decided to explain what they mean to us, specifically with regards to dietary choices.


Our first and most important value. Yours truly has found that eating a primarily vegetarian diet has been one of the most interesting and enjoyable food experiments she’s experienced. It is sad that not many people look at it in that way.

One of the main reasons More Than Carrots exists is that we haven’t found any platforms that focus primarily on the enjoyment of vegetarian food in the context of a ‘mainstream’ diner who isn’t planning to go vegetarian. Our goal is not to show you ‘the vegetarian option’. We want to show you amazing food that you’ll love!

Think Long-Term

We’ve watched a lot of people go vegetarian just to give up after a couple of months. That’s understandable, because, as enjoyable as it can be, any restrictions require discipline. We want to make it enjoyable and exciting to eat LESS meat, because we think that in the long-term a balanced diet is more achievable for most of us. Or, as I realised when I decided what to do with my life, it’s more feasible for me to start a business that makes eating lots of vegetarian food enjoyable than to go vegetarian.

Always move forward

There’s now consensus that a balanced diet that’s healthy for us as individuals as well as the environment is the only way forward. We want to contribute to making this achievable for as many people as possible – as fast as possible.

Keep it simple

When it comes to food, we usually decide on the go and in a matter of minutes. We’ve found for ourselves that high level guidance and motivating facts are great, but simple solutions are better. If you put a delicious and interesting vegetarian option in front of me when I’m choosing food – I’ll probably order it. If not, I won’t go out of my way to find one. We assume that most people who use our platform aren’t strict vegetarians already and therefore behave in a similar way.

Base it on facts

Eating less animal products is not ‘a trend’. Considering our global agricultural options, the current Western European and North American diet is not sustainable in a global context.

What can you do right now?

Select restaurants using our review platform to make ordering the veggie option an enjoyable feast!