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Meat Eaters’ Honest Reviews on 10 Hyped-Up Veggie Burgers

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Here’s a list of your reviews for London’s veggie burgers. What makes our list better than every other list out there?

Meat eaters reviewed & loved them!

And you can become part of our community, too! Rate here the veggie food you’ve had (the good AND the bad), to let others diners know where to go.

1. Big V London

You said: ‘The closest I’ve seen a veggie burger come to a meat burger’.

Not bad eh? Proudly 100% vegan and claiming to offer healthy and indulgent burgers, this was an interesting one to taste test. If you’re looking for a meat replacement option, this could be a good one. As you can see, the patty itself looks very ‘meaty’, with a nice slice of cheese and a poppy seed bun. Not only was it tasty but it was crunchy, so there is a nice texture balance between the bun and the patty. Handmade by a team of passionate vegans, these burgers are great if you want a healthy burger. We would love to know what ‘healthy’ burger hits the right spot for you.

2. Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK)

You said: ‘GBK is in my opinion the best chain restaurant for people wanting to eat vegetarian options’.

Slightly confused as to how a place which wafts of the grill has great veggie burger options?
GBK makes it very easy to substitute any meat patty with a veggie alternative (which is just fantastic for us) giving you a lot of choice, even if dining with meat eating friends and family. The colours are vibrant and there is a good height on the burger. You definitely need two hands to bite into this vegan burger! If you already have a favorite, try it with another patty and let us know what you think.

3. Byron

The More Than Carrots Team give this bean patty burger carrots up! The patty itself has a herby bean flavour. The crispy outer coating provides a very well balanced texture contrast. The crispness of the coating works well with the byron sauce, sweet pepper and spinach. The burger stands firm and is not mushy when cut or bitten into, although it is sufficiently moist. It doesn’t hurt that GBK serve it in a sweet glossy brioche bun either!

4. Arancini Brothers

If arancini and burgers are two of your favorite foods (as they are for us!) you’ve probably heard of this place. If not, you are missing out! Diners regularly say they serve the best veggie and vegan burgers. The combination of flavours and seasonings really make this vegan burger stand out. It’s a little bit different, because it is an arancini after all, but there’s nothing not to love in this one!

5. Kua’aina

This place is described as the legendary burger and sandwich grill, so we had high expectations! Hailing from Hawaii we knew the flavour combinations would be interesting and great for those of you who enjoy trying new things. With up to three veggie options to choose from, all reviewers agree there is a decent choice. The halloumi and avocado burgers are very popular and especially helpful if you’re also eating low-carb.


So this one really stands out to us because it is a chicken burger. No patty, but a meat-replacement piece of fried chicken. You can find it on the menu of a place known for the high quality of its fried chicken. Yes you read that correctly. Chik’n does some of the best fried chicken around but it also has a delicious veggie burger option as well. This makes it a great place for a casual takeaway with friends who all have different taste preferences.

7. The Vurger Co

Made from nuts, seeds, vegetables and grains, these ‘vurgers’ are described as ‘soul satisfying’ and have been consistently featured in national press. As a result we had high expectations. Quite frankly the reviews for this are mixed on our site. The ‘mexican vurger’ seems to be a popular choice and overall there seems to be a consensus that they are ‘bursting with goodness’ and flavour. That said, we personally found the burger quite mushy and not as exciting as some of the others on our list. While we loved the fried parsnip and cranberries in the christmas burger, the patty itself was lacking the crunchiness we like to have in our burgers. What do you think of these plant based burgers?

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8. Honest Burgers

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of choice (just one option) at this spot but the filling is interesting. It’s not a patty, but it’s actually a fritter which you’d expect to be lighter in texture and weight. Sadly, we found it to be a bit dry. It’s a decent burger and won’t break the bank. Having said that, unless you are a strict vegetarian, this is the place where you’d want to eat the meat because of their sourcing policies. If you are a strict vegetarian, we don’t think that this is the best place to pick.

9. Ed’s Diner

With its all American feel and offering, Ed’s Diner is a popular spot for burgers. Unfortunately, our reviewers found that it hasn’t quite nailed its veggie burger option. The overall reviews are rather average and diners noted there was a lack of choice, describing the veggie menu as ‘limited’. But, on the plus side, diners like the taste of the Cajun Vegetable Burger and the Halloumi & Roasted Pepper Burger. These were described as delicious!

10. Tom’s Kitchen

‘Great salads, but even greater burgers’. ‘Best veggie burger.’ ‘Cracking veggie burger’. This veggie has glowing reviews. Committed to serving fresh, seasonal and ethically sourced food, the vegetarian burger comes highly recommended. Not only is the presentation en point, there is a delicate mix of ingredients in the bun. The sweet potato and chickpea patty looks firm and gives the burger a good height when plated. You won’t have to compromise with the veggie burger at all and the price point isn’t too shabby either! Another reason to go: The Vurger Co currently runs a pop-up at Tom’s Kitchen in Chelsea, Canary Wharf and St. Katherine’s Dock. You could go and compare the two options! We’d love to hear how your taste buds compare them!

So there you have it. 10 taste-tested reviews of some of the most popular burgers in London! We bet you fancy a burger right now, eh?

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