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Mandira London - Yoghurt covent garden

By Annette


Mandira London

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Massively enjoyable and good in the Long-Term. What’s not to love?

I loved my first yoghurt bowl at Mandira. It was rich, unexpected and delicious. The yoghurt was creamy and nicely filling, without weighing me down. The combination of vegetables and herbs made it fresh and very tasty.

Like all living creatures I like to form habits and, right now, I’m trying to form habits that involve eating less meat. So when I come across a potentially-addictive new food choice like this one I want to decide whether I should keep going back. To give an example, the habit of having a muffin for breakfast every day is also meat-free but proved to be a disaster for my body. I love muffins and still eat them, but I make sure that it doesn’t become a habit. And the habit of eating steak salad for dinner was great for my body but made me feel bad when I realised how harmful it is for the environment to eat beef every day.

Now, what about yoghurt?

Short answer:

If you want to have a sustainable diet with lots of protein and not a lot of carbs, Greek-style yoghurt is a great option.

Longer answer:

Yoghurt is a lot better than meat and other dairy products like cheese. Carrots obviously have a much lower footprint, but carrots don’t have a lot of protein and they aren’t particularly filling. Two rules of thumb:

1. Eating dairy is better than eating the animals that we milk for dairy products.

2. For dairy products, the closer the product is to milk, the better it is for the footprint, because the more ‘liquid’ it is, the less milk was required to make it.

When compared directly to meat, Greek-style yoghurt has a similar carbon footprint as chicken per kilogram of product weight. Beef has a footprint that is roughly 6x higher. If you want to learn more, Chatham House has published a great report about the topic (I assumed that it takes 3.5 litres of milk to produce 1kg of Greek-style yoghurt).


I’ll go back to Mandira very often!

Want to try it yourself?

You can find Mandira at 78B Long Acre St. in Covent Garden, London. They are open from 7.30am to 7pm Monday through Friday and from 9am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday. They are also on Deliveroo.