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By Annette

Exploring Anita’s Kitchen

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As an exception, we cooked our own food!

One of the steps in our journey towards eating less meat has been eating more vegetarian food at home. That’s great for every day, but a bit harder when you want to make something more special. Grilling a chunk of meat just looks more spectacular.

Thankfully, there is a clever hack for making very special meat-free food: exploring ethnic cuisines.

We had never even considered making Indian food ourselves, but Anita turned this idea into a very doable project. With the right mix of interesting spices and ingredients we learned how to make some very tasty dishes that are quite a bit more special – at least in this part of the world.

One thing that makes the dishes special is that you need some expert help to get them right. Knowing which spices to fry first, which to add later, and which to allow to ‘pop’ – if nobody tells you, you can easily end up with terrible food. On the flipside, exploring unknown spices and ingredients is really fun if someone tells you what to do with them.

Anita’s kitchen is the perfect place for exploring Indian, Middle Eastern and African cuisines.

Anita was born and raised in Kenya and has an Indian background – these cuisines are in her blood. More importantly, she is a very passionate cook and teacher, which becomes evident when you enter her incredibly well-equipped and modern kitchen.

We highly recommend her classes: they are fun and the food is amazing. Anita will teach you about ingredients and their preparation. She even takes you to a shop so you can see where to get the stuff. She’ll be there to explain, guide and help but you’ll be doing the cooking yourself to learn as much as possible. In the end, you’ll take home the recipes to impress your friends.

For bookings and to learn more – this is Anita’s Website. She offers individual and group lessons and she also comes to your house on a Friday night.

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